Cleaning Services

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It is entirely up to you how your cleaning visits are structured. You may provide specific instructions or leave the housework in the hands of your Housekeepers.

Each time your Housekeepers visits your home, you are welcome to specify exactly how you would like your time spent.

For example, on a particular cleaning visit, you may wish to have the oven cleaned out and the refrigerator cleaned out; or you may want some windows washed and some laundry done. Should you leave instructions of this kind, your Housekeepers will gladly work from your priority list.

On the other hand, many of our clients have busy work schedules and want minimal involvement in the cleaning of their house or condo/apartment; they are rarely at home during cleaning visits and expect their Housekeepers to maintain their residence with little or no input from them. All of our employees are qualified to work without instruction. Our staff  have all completed the NEAT AND TIDY Housekeeper Training Program.

The first time we visit your home, it is advisable to have your Housekeepers concentrate on a thorough Detailed Cleaning.  But after the initial visit (should you go on to become a regular customer), your cleaner will be able rotate Major Jobs, thereby maintaining your home on an ongoing basis.

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